Who Touched Me?

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설교본문 : Luke 8:40-48 
설교 한 주일 : May 29, 2011 
설교자 : Rev. Bang 

“Who Touched Me?”

Luke 8:40-48


We may see many figures in the Bible – men or women. Some men are great history of Israel. Also many people without name can be easily find in the Bible. Some people were described in the Bible with just the name of his or her father only. Today I want to share with you one woman who has no name but who had big trouble and struggling in her life for long time.


(Reading Luke 8:40 – 48 NIV)


40 Now when Jesus returned, a crowd welcomed him, for they were all expecting him. 41 Then a man named Jairus, a synagogue leader, came and fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with him to come to his house 42 because his only daughter, a girl of about twelve, was dying.

   As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him. 43 And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, but no one could heal her. 44 She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.

   45 “Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

   When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.”

   46 But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”

   47 Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. 48 Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”


Maybe you may say, “It’s me! I am struggling. It has been long, long time that I have that kind of struggling.” But in the Bible, this woman has been struggling for twelve years. You may find this message even in (book of) Matthew, here in Luke and even Mark. I just quote from Luke (it doesn’t matter from where). We just want to know how to show our faith to Jesus Christ in the time of trials, in the time of something needed. Maybe you, your friends or somebody is suffering from that kind of struggling for long time – maybe physical problem or some relational problem or other struggling that we have. The most important thing is many people might miss the struggling that which is the relationship between man and God.

In the Bible, Jesus performed certain miracles. There is a very significant purpose of that miracles Jesus has performed. It’s to reveal God Himself. Jesus gave food to the poor and hungry people. But not only that Jesus simply gave them the food but in addition, Jesus said, “I am the bread. You are eating that bread for your physical body but remember, I am the bread of life.” We say that the bread is very important because this is associated with our life. Well, that is true; however, another special bread, the only one bread that we have to have which Jesus Christ meant before. That bread is so important for your life and your spirit.

Many cases when we are living in this world, we are missing certain important purpose. We missed that target and aim or our goal to our lives because we consider those things that everybody is considering which means we have no any idea which one is more important. Everybody rushes there so we, Christians, are the same. Everybody focus on this fashion so the Christians, without any deep consideration just focus on that. When I was young, in our country (Korea), we have a very special sport which is professional boxing. All the people were crazy about to watch it. We have many world champions (I forgot the names). Remember, that time has gone. In these days in Korea, nobody watches world championship on boxing. I know we have such a great hero boxer, Manny Pacquiao. He is really good. I don’t blame him; he’s good. But for you, Christians, to see that boxing as a sport; I know he represents for your desire to fight against your enemy and relatively you have such a great move, seems like you fought and you won against your enemy. Do we really think about our self that we are good enough to fight the spiritual battle? Instead, are we really ready to show our lives to somebody that we are fighting against spiritual enemy?

That is how we deal in the morning or over the night when you are not working. Yesterday, it was good for me because it was raining outside. I was sitting down on the chair in my room for more than twelve hours. I was praying; I was thinking and doing many things. I don’t like to eat for we eat everyday. I don’t like to see my wife because my wife is there always. I don’t like to drink coffee anymore; there is coffee all the time. When I was sitting down, deep, deep down on myself, I was thinking about the relationship with Jesus Christ. When you have time dear brothers and sisters, what are you doing? Do you still fall into the line to lottery? Christians, I suggest and challenge you – don’t do that. “Pastor Bang, it’s a charity!” If you want to give in charity, just go to the place directly not through the lottery. In every mall, people are falling in line in the lottery. It’s not only a problem in the Philippines but in Korea as well. In life when you have time, get close to Jesus Christ. When you still can kick, it’s the time for you and me to get close to the Lord.

See this lady who I am going to share with you. She missed all the chances. She lost all the money. She had no any relationship, maybe. Nobody recognize her. Nobody call her. Nobody visit her. She spent the thousand of nights without sleeping in the darkness and fighting against her own sickness. All the people said to her, “You are guilty…You are the sinner that’s why you have that sickness…so you are not holy…so you may not come to our community because you are the problem…Please keep yourself away from us.” The Jewish people and many people followed Jesus Christ. They followed everywhere Jesus goes. This woman also followed Jesus Christ. Nobody recognize her. Many people have their own desires and purpose to follow Jesus Christ. May I ask you, what is your purpose to follow Jesus? What is your purpose to be a Christian? Why did you come to this place (church) today? That woman, among all the people, I want to see how she did.

There is one woman with no name struggling problems for twelve years. Twelve years means a very long, long time in the sickness. There is only one woman among the people followed Jesus Christ. Maybe in this place today, there is only one who poured his or her heart to the Lord. She heard about the rumor. She heard about Jesus Christ just through the wind. Some said Jesus healed the sick. “I am the sick…” Jesus fed the hungry. “I am the hungry…” Jesus satisfied some loser. “I am a loser…” That is the pouring out of the heart.

What did you think this morning while you are on the way to the church? What is your desire this very moment to have from Jesus Christ today? This woman had that desire – very special, very clear desire. She heard about Jesus Christ so she believed Jesus Christ has healed that man. Jesus Christ did performed miracles in that place so to me. She believed, “If Jesus would heal him, in the same way he would heal me as well.” That was the woman’s faith. So she moved from her place to see Jesus Christ with purpose but there is no guarantee. I do believe that the friends or relatives – if she may have – they stopped her. “No, not you; Jesus healed him but not you.” See yourself with all the hindrances even from your heart or maybe even from her heart. She could see herself, “I am guilty!” Why guilty? What she did for her sickness? – Nothing. One day she found herself that she was subject to the problem and bleeding; all of a sudden. People were thinking, “Because you did so, you have this…because you did so…because…because…” When I was young, my parents blame me, “David, I know that because of blah…blah…blah…now you have no any credit!”

Brothers and sisters, listen to the word of God. Jesus never asks you, “What is the reason that you have problem?” Just like you see the father who has two sons; and, one son got away, fly by night. Then the father was waiting every night and morning. That father was waiting, until when? – His son to come. When his son comes he never asked, “Why you did so?” Brothers and sisters, do you know why we never confess our sins? – Because you think that God is the same with your friends and even yourself. Maybe God is asking you why. Maybe I have no clue; I have no answer. Believe me, God knows your heart. God never asks, “Why you…?” God seek that way. “And then today, you brought it to me?” That’s why this woman was trembled in her heart. So her step from her house to Jesus Christ was so much delayed. Maybe because of that, thinking about that way, that that woman has been delayed for twelve years. “Not today, I’m ashamed. Maybe some time around.” But, the Bible says this is the time for salvation. Today is the day of the Lord. God is waiting for you and me – not tomorrow but this very moment.

Many people did follow Jesus Christ (even almost like Jesus Christ). They like Jesus and they want to see Jesus Christ for something so people are pushing themselves to get inside the temple – inside the church gathering together in thousands or hundred thousand and another hundred of hundred thousand. They get inside the church but this woman, herself, touched Jesus Christ. Many people in these days are inside the church maybe, who will be the same as the woman? You have no desire in your life, maybe just looking and watching the television or movie. Maybe you get inside the movie theater, pay for the ticket and then you are just sitting down watching what the movie is going on. But brothers and sisters, everything which is going on in the church is not like a movie. Do you know what is the difference sitting down in the theater and sitting down in a church? In theater, you can see somebody’s life but in the church is the time for your life. In the theater, you are just sitting down and the screen will be played but in the church, Jesus Christ himself is sitting down and you are the screen played showing your life to God. That is the difference. So, when you come to the church think about, “Today, I am the main role in our service so that I will be the living sacrifice. Unto your hands I raise my sacrifice.” That could be your purpose of service today.

Many people pushed, crashed, and maybe were suffering from their sickness; but, only one in that community, in that time, that one woman God healed. Why? – Because she touched Jesus Christ. Jesus recognized it. She touched Jesus Christ in faith. She believed that Jesus healed somebody else. She believed, “Today, He will heal my sickness as well…” because that woman has no other option which means she would only believe in Jesus. Once she believed the doctors. Once she asked somebody for help but they failed, totally failed. She experienced all kinds of bitterness. She experienced all kinds of broken relationships. Now, she had only one hope. She put that last but not the least hope into Jesus Christ by touching his garment. “Jesus, it’s only you; know my heart. Jesus, it’s only you today that heal my problem. Jesus, it’s only you that listen to my prayer.” What about you? You never pray so you never know how Jesus prayed. Many people are praying, asking and want something and they followed Jesus Christ, such a great crowd followed Him but one lady was healed. How many people touched Jesus? How many pushed Jesus? Many people even touched Jesus by themselves. What is the difference? Many people get inside the church into the worship service but there will be the differences as well. Let’s learn how we live.

First, she was humble. Actually, according to (book of) Mark, she was afraid. She said to herself, “I’m not worthy, I know but it’s the only way I have – only Jesus Christ – so I come to you.” And then she believed. She never followed any fashion. She never followed any trend. She never followed something. She never followed a pastor. She never followed any program. She never followed anything but Jesus. Salvation comes from the Lord. I lift my eyes, where my help comes? My help comes from the Lord who created the earth and heaven. What about you? What is your faith? What do you believe?

She touched. She listened. She heard about Jesus Christ and she knew her problem. She had the desire that Jesus would help her and eventually she would stop before Jesus Christ and reach His hand. Many people stop at this stage but she touched the garment of Jesus. Many Christians failed touching Him. For many Christians think about shame in touching Jesus Christ. Touching Jesus means humble himself down. Touching Jesus means standing with Him together. Touching Jesus means following Jesus wherever He goes. Touching Jesus means open our hearts to show that we love and how much we do. Many people fail what about you today? Jesus healed. If she would not be healed, all the desires, all the prayers and all the get in touch are useless. What is your desire in the Lord today? Get it from the Lord. If not, your time and efforts are really very sorry and wasted. Why are you standing? Other people are together around you. They just follow Jesus. Jesus showed His mercy everytime for all. This is a blessing for everybody. But when you have desire, “I don’t like to hear; I don’t like to have this very common grace. I want certain and special power from the Lord…” If you would like to have that power from the Lord, touch Him, desire in faith and experience it. That is how Bible teaches us today. Do not be like a watchman, like audiences – you just see and listen. But be main player or main role that you want all for the glory of the Lord.

Throughout her life, not her name maybe; throughout your life and my life, not your name or my name will be revealed but the miracles, wonders and grace that Jesus has shown will be mentioned generation to generations. Brothers and sisters, listen to the word of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “Your faith has healed you…” Find out what kind of faith the woman had. Not only that there is a surplus we will have from Jesus Christ – “Go in peace…” In your life and my life, let’s have the word of God saying, “Because of your faith…because of your faith…” and “Peace be with you…” in Greek, ‘Shalom’. May God bless us.




Rev. David Bang

Head Pastor

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