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The Lost World

Reclaiming the World for God


“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15

As what the SFCF Prayer Committee have been praying for, the Vacation Bible School (VBS) program was successfully carried out in its second year of reaching out to the children and youth of Cawag Christian Church and Subic Freeport Christian Fellowship.

This year’s theme, “The Lost World, Reclaiming the World for God” created a fun and exciting adventure for kids as they travel back in time and study the ancient past – the story of creation and the Creator; the inhabitants on earth; the sin of mankind; the Saviour and the redemption of humans and the rest of creation; and the mission. In connection with the theme, extinct dinosaur trivia were introduced in each lesson which added interest and excitement to the children. The designs of the crafts and visuals were also in dinosaur templates.

The program was compressed in three-day camp-like trip participated by over 200 children – 81 children in Cawag on April 21-23, 2011 and 140 children in SFCF on April 28-30, 2011 – a remarkable figures and dates in the history of SFCF.

However sincere and benevolent our mission and vision for this VBS was, Satan has his own mission and vision also in hindering the work of God. A week before the VBS in Cawag, the Barangay officials had released a memo for all the residents in that area to refrain their children from going and playing outside of their homes for a child was found dead with missing eyes and kidneys at a nearby town. It’s such a frightening and horrible incident for everybody who hears that news. During our promotions and distributions of flyers for VBS in Cawag, most parents were afraid and won’t allow their children to join the VBS because of that horrible incident. But we prayed harder and trust God that He will take charge. In that time, the only move we did was to write a letter to the Barangay Captain, asking for their support in our VBS by providing us some Barangay Tanod (Sergeant-at-Arms) to rove around our venue while we are having classes. By the grace of God, our request was granted.

Mostly a similar incident happened in our VBS promotions for SFCF. A child was kidnapped in a nearby hotel park just before the Holy Week and until now, that child was nowhere to be found.

Those incidents made us to strictly implement security measures to the participants, to teachers and committee, and to parents as well. Unlike in Cawag where the kids’ houses are just walking distance form the church, in SFCF the residential houses are quite far from the venue; so from 6:00 AM, our church transportation service picked up the kids from different location points of the city and neighbouring towns. Then, right after classes, they are being dropped off to their houses. The driver took record of how many children boarded in and out of the jeep in every trip. Like the VBS program in Cawag, we provided the meals of the children for free so that they will not go out of the venue anymore to buy their food for recess time; thus, the children will be safely in tucked inside their classrooms with their teachers on watch. That’s how we took responsibility for the safety and security of our VBS participants.

In the beginning, God created a beautiful and harmonious world for us. Nowadays, we are truly living in a lost world – a world which is not anymore safe to live in. “But because of our sin the world will be destroyed…” as what our VBS theme song says. That is why SFCF was born as an instrument of God to make disciples of all nations. Conducting VBS every year is our form of evangelizing and reaching out even to the small children of God. Let us hope in our Almighty God and be part of His ministry to transform our lost world to a new world through His Son, Jesus Christ.


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